Our Billing Policy

1. Bills are sent on the first day of each 2 month billing cycle, payment is due by the 25th of the month that the bill is mailed in (for example, a bill mailed on Jan. 2nd is due by Jan. 25th). The regular billing amount for a 2 month billing cycle is $123.88.

2. Late payment period starts on the 26th of the month the bill is mailed in, the late payment fee is $10.00.

3. A “Notice of Delinquency and Impending Discontinuance of Service” will be mailed at that time. You will have 10 days to bring your account current, including the $10.00 late fee or your service will be discontinued. To reestablish service you will be required to pay all past due amounts, late charge, disconnection fee and reconnection fee as well as two full billing cycle amounts (currently $247.76 as of May 2012) as security deposit (per CPUC regulations).

4. If there is a dispute concerning the charges for service, you are required to deposit the amount of the disputed bill with the California Public Utilities Commission within 10 days of receiving the Notice of Delinquency and Impending Discontinuance of Service. The CPUC will then investigate and rule on the dispute.

5. Disconnection Fee and Reconnection Fee is $25.00 during regular business hours (Monday – Friday) and $40.00 after hours.

6. Returned check fee is $20.00.

7. For new customers - you will need to fill out an application to start service and pay a non refundable $20.00 setup fee.

8. Meyers Water Company, Inc. requires a 2-Day advance notice of cancellation of service, otherwise the party will be responsible for continuing charges. Charges will be prorated and will include all disconnection fees, etc. that are due.

9. Any water related problems should be reported to 707-254-9547. If it is an emergency we will respond ASAP, if it is not an emergency we will respond when possible.

10.There is a water company payments mailbox at 1830 Milton Rd if you would like to use that instead of mailing your payment.

11. We look forward to serving you!